That’s Right, Club Solutions Said We’re Cool!

We are so excited after returning from the IHRSA Conference this year. We generated a lot of buzz that helped make us one of the 2019 cool products of IHRSA!

So, what do we do?

Simply put, Easalytics connects data. Our software is a data visualization dashboard that connects to many of your mission-critical business platforms and provides real-time, actionable data. Unconnected data is incomplete, inefficient and unacceptable in today’s ultra-competitive health club industry. Whether it’s modifying your marketing strategy, setting revenue and membership goals, or reducing attrition, connected data informs all of these decisions.

Check out our featured article on page 25 of the February 2019 issue of Club Solutions magazine.

You’ve already got the data that can boost your marketing efforts to a new level of efficiency.

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