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Today’s gym, health club, and fitness center owners face an increasing amount of competition, as other brands open new locations within their markets.

For many club owners, the fear of missed opportunity has led to inflated ad budgets, simply because most clubs don’t really know which ad channels and methods are the most effective.

Why is it so challenging to get accurate Sales and Marketing conversions metrics and ROI? The problem, up until now, has been getting accurate data collection from disparate business systems; systems like CRM, Social dashboards, Search Ads, Member Management software, most of which do not share data across platforms.

FunnelThe solution is Connected Data!

Connected Data Empowers organizations with the ability to:

  • Obtain Accurate Sales & Marketing Conversion Metrics
  • Increase Total Fitness Sales
  • Provide a Truthful Marketing & Advertising ROI

Simply put, Easalytics connects data. Easalytics is a data visualization dashboard that connects to many of your mission-critical business platforms. Building from your member management software as the primary source of truth, Easalytics combines data from other sources like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, InTouch, Club OS, HubSpot, and Facebook/Instagram, to provide reliable, synced information, which empowers clubs to make intelligent data-driven, business decisions.<

FunnelThe unique Easalytics Member Acquisition & Retention Funnel is the hub to understanding how the interdependencies between marketing and advertising execution affect: total membership growth, in-club spending, and member attrition.

The Easalytics funnel provides gym and health club owners with a clear understanding of what: Attracts strangers to your brand, Engages them into prospects, Converts them into customers, and Reduces member attrition by delighting them into promoters for your business.

  • Marketing and Advertising Impressions: The funnel starts with understanding how Marketing and Advertising Impressions generate Brand visibility and interest. In other words, are your marketing efforts attracting strangers to your club? Easalytics collects information from all your advertising & marketing sources including Google Search, Display, Direct Mail, Pandora, Facebook/Instagram Ads, etc. and provides insight into how ad visibility directly affects the lower sections of the funnel.
  • Engaged Prospects: The next step is understanding how ad impressions convert interested strangers into Engaged Prospects. A club’s ad strategy and digital experience must be effective enough to attract prospects, and then engage them into online activity, club visits, or lead submissions. Connected engagement data from multiple sources provides an accurate picture of what interests your audience and in turn what converts them into engaged prospects.
  • Total Sales Leads: A well-optimized Digital Experience generates a significant number of both Sales and Marketing Leads. Easalytics tracks digital form submissions and online joins back to the ad sources that drove them, in addition to identifying and tracking digital activity for walk-in, referral, and phone call traffic. Knowing exactly what advertising and digital content engaged all club leads and members is how clubs optimize ad spending and amplify ad strategies that work.
  • Club Tours/Visits: An increase in online form submissions and Free Trial Leads mean little to nothing if they don’t come in for a club tour or trial activation. Tours and visits are critical to new member acquisition; therefore, your sales & marketing funnel must provide real-time analysis on leads-to-visits and visits-to-memberships ratios.
  • Total Membership: Total Membership data is your foundation. Data regarding new member counts, member mix, membership type, membership revenue, and more are all available to view in a single glance on the Easalytics dashboard. Easalytics combines marketing and engagement data, from the top of the funnel, with total club membership information, accurately CONNECTING the marketing channels, social content, and promotions that resulted in new memberships and club revenue.Knowing the most effective ad sources- the ones that produce memberships- is how clubs successfully manage their cost per lead and cost per membership, to obtain an optimal Return On Investment.
  • Membership Retention & Wallet Share: Most sales and marketing funnels end at conversion or membership, but why stop there? The data gathered on member interest and behavior provides a real opportunity for clubs to improve member retention, in addition to upselling add-on fitness services.

Reduce member attrition by connecting reports like check-in activity, membership type, agreements due to expire, and in-club behavior to identify potential members with a higher risk of leaving. Easalytics connects these individual member activity reports, and surfaces a daily ‘Hot List’ for your sales and marketing team.

Clubs can also connect the marketing and messaging that initially engaged each member with their in-club behavior, to create buyer personas designed to Increase Member Wallet share by upselling Total Fitness Services with nurturing campaigns personalized to each member.

Unconnected data is incomplete, inefficient, and unacceptable in the ultra-competitive health club industry of today.

CycleConnected data allows the funnel to provide complete information and insight into what attracts strangers to your brand, engages them into prospects, converts them into customers and reduces attrition by delighting them into promoters for your business.

Whether it’s modifying your marketing strategy, setting revenue and membership goals, or reducing attrition, connected data informs all of these decisions!

Before you take action, make sure you have the complete picture!

Are you ready to understand how the interdependencies between marketing and advertising execution affect: total membership growth, in-club spending, and member attrition?

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