View Results, Predict FutureOutcomes, Make Smarter Decisions

What will your club’s KPIs be next month? Six months from now? A year?
You know data analytics and forecasting is vitally important to running a successful business in the fitness industry and in general, but many existing platforms are cumbersome, inefficient, and expensive to implement.


How Can Easalytics Help?

Easalytics brings highly advanced and accurate data analysis capabilities into your club without the need to hire expensive staff, saving you time, money, and mistakes.

Leverage the Power of Predictive Analytics

Easalytics uses ForecastRx, our proprietary predictive analytics engine, to help you understand your club’s historic and current trends in order to predict future results. Why simply guess at a flat 10% growth rate, when up to 4 years of past performance can be intelligently and effortlessly analyzed? Easalytics can predict future performance across key areas of your business, taking into consideration recent trends and seasonality.

Objective Feedback

The forecasting capabilities of Easalytics allow you see unbiased, accurate projections of the trajectories of your club’s most important figures: revenue, membership, attrition, and much more. In addition to being useful for resource planning, this feedback acts as a report card, allowing managers to see if implemented strategies are working as intended or if they require adjustment.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals for your organization can often be a bit of a guessing game and seem like a moving target. Our projections can help managers set realistic goals that are backed by data and historic trends.

What if you could answer the following questions, at any moment (even during a Board meeting), without spreadsheets, and without taking up anyone’s time?


Which location is likely to produce the most revenue 6 months from now?


What is your total membership likely to be in 3 months, while taking into account seasonality and attrition?


Which club is killing it with class participation and recurring fitness revenue growth?


Is your new membership uptick in June a seasonal expectation, an anomaly, or the result of a recent growth trend?


Will attrition rates cause revenue to remain flat in spite of new member growth?

Are you ready to make sense of your data?

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Learn How Easalytics Can Help Your Club

Our tool can help you make informed business decisions, explore our resources to learn more!

Advanced Membership, Revenue Goal Tracking, and Growth Projects

Reduce Member Attrition by connecting reports like check-in and financial activity with membership type, due to expire agreements, and in-club behavior to identify potential members with a higher risk of termination. Easalytics connects these individual member activity reports and surfaces a daily ‘Hot List’ report for your sales and marketing teams.


Understand Membership Behavior to Reduce Membership Attrition

Leveraging advanced forecasting techniques, we can report on and accurately predict future values of:

  • Total Club Membership
  • Total Membership Revenue
  • Total Fitness Services Revenue
  • Total Club Revenue