Improve Member Acquisition & Marketing ROI

Are you getting accurate, real-time ROI metrics across all your digital and traditional marketing campaigns?
Marketing and Advertising in the health club industry can be overwhelming to successfully monitor and execute. Gym owners and marketing professionals often take a brute force approach by spending money on every channel available, while not definitively knowing which are the most effective.


How Can Easalytics Help?

Our software helps to minimize underperforming advertising costs, one of the fastest ways to increase profit, while amplifying the most effective marketing messaging in order to increase membership.

With Easalytics You Can finally:

  • Integrate both traditional & digital marketing campaign
  • Understand your most effective marketing channels & messaging
  • Quickly identify underperforming advertising & marketing programs
  • Learn where to focus your advertising dollars and marketing efforts

Real-time reporting on each step of the journey from stranger to member.

The Easalytics Funnel analyzes and reports on each stage of the member acquisition process. You can easily and intuitively view data surrounding total marketing & advertising visibility, messaging effectiveness, sales conversions, and marketing ROI.

Going further, the Easalytics funnel doesn’t stop collecting data once a lead becomes a member. We leverage acquisition data in combination with membership behavior to improve retention, up-sell total fitness services, and optimize sales and marketing campaigns, so your club continues to attract high-quality, long-staying members that act as promoters for your business.

Enable Your Gym With Trusted Data

Easalytics brings your data into a single, easy to understand dashboard. Turning raw, formerly unconnected data points into meaningful and actionable insights.

Easalytics offers turnkey reporting across all of your efforts, applying industry leading technologies and predictive, behavioral analytics to help you fully view and understand your data.

Easalytics builds your confidence in knowing what you should be doing and when you should be doing it, what you should do more of and what you can do less of. Make data-driven decisions without countless hours of building, interpreting, and maintaining


Reducing Your Ineffective Marketing Costs Directly Impacts Your Bottom Line.

From traditional offline marketing to highly automated digital ads and engagements, tracking your audience from anonymous web visitors or direct mail recipients, through engaged active in-club memberships, you need to fully understand your return on investment (ROI) for all of your marketing strategies and campaigns.

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Learn How Easalytics Can Help Your Club

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Advanced Membership, Revenue Goal Tracking, and Growth Projects

Reduce Member Attrition by connecting reports like check-in and financial activity with membership type, due to expire agreements, and in-club behavior to identify potential members with a higher risk of termination. Easalytics connects these individual member activity reports and surfaces a daily ‘Hot List’ report for your sales and marketing teams.


Understand Membership Behavior to Reduce Membership Attrition

Leveraging advanced forecasting techniques, we can report on and accurately predict future values of:

  • Total Club Membership
  • Total Membership Revenue
  • Total Fitness Services Revenue
  • Total Club Revenue