Data Analytics Platform

With a web-based analytics platform built specifically for the fitness industry, there’s no reason to resort to costly custom analytics projects or time-consuming do-it-yourself builds with generic analytics tools.

Easalytics will:

  • give you fast access to relevant analytics, data visualizations, member segmentation, and advanced filtering capabilities (no static dashboards here!)
  • have a predictable monthly subscription rate with no surprise update or maintenance costs (the hidden costs of custom builds!)
  • require minimal effort on your part to implement (sign the data authorizations, advise us on some categorizations…we do the rest!)
  • effortlessly scale with your growth (data-driven businesses grow!)
  • provide the ability to rapidly employ a variety of turnkey Machine Learning predictive models as you need them (you will need them to be competitive in this decade!)
  • keep pace with industry changes (and this industry does change!)
  • support you with analytics training and a Success Team who don’t expect you to be an analytics expert (that’s our job!)