Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

The game-changing power of Data Science is no longer the privilege of large corporations. Easalytics has transformed Data Science from expensive custom projects to an affordable, subscription-based software platform. It’s the first Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) for the Fitness Industry!

Big Data vs Small Data

You’ve heard of Big Data, but you probably think you can’t afford it. With emerging Small Data methodologies, you don’t have to! Big Data is time-consuming and expensive because it takes every possible data point into consideration when looking for an answer. Small Data combines Data Science, economics, behavioral science, and domain knowledge to focus in on areas most likely to yield productive results, dramatically decreasing both the cost and time to value.

Our experience and sole focus on the fitness industry enable you to reap benefits of Big Data with the efficiency and increased ROI Small Data offers.

Machine Learning

Custom Machine Learning models can take a long time to develop, are expensive upfront, and have hidden costs downstream. We have developed a variety of turnkey predictive models that can deliver results at a fraction of the time and cost of custom projects, with no surprise maintenance* costs down the road:

  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Total Member Forecasting
  • New Member Forecasting
  • Attrition Probability – who are you at risk of losing, months before they self-identify?
  • Future Personal Training Purchase Probability – who are most likely to become long-term PT purchasers?
  • Member Lifetime Value Prediction – who are likely to be your highest value members?
  • More in development!

*Many people are unaware that a Machine Learning model’s accuracy will degrade over time. It requires continuous accuracy monitoring and tuning to maintain its original accuracy levels. If something disruptive occurs (like a pandemic?), the model may even need to be rebuilt. These can be expensive hidden costs of custom projects, but you’ll never pay a cent more for model maintenance or rebuilds with Easalytics.

Artificial Intelligence

You may already be benefitting from AI in customer-facing technologies such as chat bots, but there are other emerging applications that will soon power your member analytics:

Advanced trend and change detection and analysis – know something is happening before you can even see it, and possible reasons why

Plain language queries of your data – ask a question and find the answer without thinking about where or how to find it

Customer journey mapping – not the journey you’re envisioning, but what actual customer journeys over time look like, their outcomes, and where those outcomes may be influenced

Are you ready to get started?

Whether you’re looking to move away from custom Data Science projects, or are just beginning to explore the possibilities, we’re happy to talk with you about how Easalytics can make the success-driving power of Data Science accessible (and understandable) for your business.

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