Personal Training Purchase Probability Machine Learning Predictive Model

Do any of these fit your organization?

  • We haven’t been able to significantly increase PT sales penetration over time
  • We’re not sure what PT sales potential there is in a given location
  • We’re good at closing PT sales but struggle to keep the pipeline full
  • Our email marketing isn’t producing enough PT sales leads
  • Our PT sales tend to concentrate in specific member segments
  • We wish the long-term ROI of our free session offers was better

Machine Learning can evaluate dozens of member demographic and behavior variables unique to each club location and make accurate predictions about the propensity of each member to purchase PT within the next 3 months*.

This enables you to:

  • Identify viable sales opportunities that would otherwise be overlooked
  • Assess the realistic sales potential of a given location
  • Deliver your best PT marketing messages and offers at the optimum time, increasing engagement/conversion rates and reducing ad fatigue and unsubscribes
  • Identify member segments underperforming their purchase potential and/or underserved by the product offering or messaging
  • Using our integration to push the PT probabilities into a CRM like Hubspot allows you to leverage the power of automations for “set and forget” continuous action upon this data.

In one club location our model accurately predicted all 998 members who purchased PT within 3 months, and missed predicting only 45 members who purchased.

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