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Easalytics gets accurate Prospect to Lead data and Lead to Member Data

Improve Member Acquisition & Marketing ROI

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Increase Member In-club Spending and Reduce Member Attrition with Easalytics

Understand Membership Behaviors & Reduce Attrition

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You take care of your health club. Let us do the heavy lifting on your data.

Easalytics connects mission-critical business systems and uncovers hidden data relationships, providing predictive intelligence and actionable insight for Member Acquisition & Retention, Revenue Growth, and Marketing ROI.


Partner Integrations

Easalytics is already integrated with most of your critical business systems, which means you don’t have to wait weeks or months for custom integrations or data modeling. Start digging into your business metrics in just a few days, so you can adjust strategy & tactics based on accurate data.

Partner Integrations

Imagine a system that gathers all your critical business data into a single dashboard.

As a cloud-based data visualization dashboard, Easalytics provides detailed reports that are useful in evaluating the past and informing your future marketing and business strategies.


Member Acquisition & Retention Funnel

The unique Easalytics Member Acquisition & Retention Funnel is the hub to understanding how the interdependencies between marketing and advertising execution affect: total membership growth, in-club spending, and member attrition. The Easalytics funnel provides gym and health club owners with a clear understanding of what: Attracts strangers to your brand, Engages them into prospects, Converts them into customers, and Reduces member attrition by delighting them into promoters for your business.
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Marketing & Advertising Impressions
Marketing & Advertising Impression Data represents insight into your brand visibility.Increased visibility must trickle down and improve results in all lower funnel levels.Easalytics collects advertising and marketing information and provides analysis on how as visibility directly affects member acquisition.
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Engaged Prospects
Engaged prospects data demonstrates the effectiveness of your Ad Messaging.The ratio of engaged prospects to Ad Impressions says a lot about your ad strategy and messaging.Easalytics reporting provides analysis on what interest your audience and converts visitors into engaged prospects.
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Total Sales Leads
A well optimized Digital Experience generates a significant number of Sales & Marketing leads.Easalytics reporting offers insight on the advertising and digital content that engaged every sales lead, and then helped convert those leads into members.
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Club Tours/Visits
Club visits are MISSION CRITICAL for your sales team!Easalytics provides real time analysis on the relationship between leads to visits and visits to memberships.
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Total Membership
Membership data is your foundation. New member counts, member mix, membership type and membership revenue are available to view, in a single glance, with Easalytics.Easalytics combines the marketing and engagement data information from the top of the funnel, with total club membership information, accurately CONNECTING the marketing channels, social content and promotions that result in new memberships and club revenue.Analysis of the ad sources that produce memberships is how clubs successfully manage their cost per lead and cost per membership to a higher Return On Investment.
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Member Retention & Wallet Share
Most sales and marketing funnels end at conversion or membership, but why stop there?The data gathered on membership interest and behavior provide a real opportunity for clubs to improve member retention and up-sell add-on fitness services.

Easalytics data analysis capability doesn’t stop at simply reporting the past.

We know that having vast amounts of historical data enables us to learn from the past and better predict the future.


Learn How Easalytics Can Help Your Club

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Advanced Membership, Revenue Goal Tracking, and Growth Projects

Reduce Member Attrition by connecting reports like check-in and financial activity with membership type, due to expire agreements, and in-club behavior to identify potential members with a higher risk of termination. Easalytics connects these individual member activity reports and surfaces a daily ‘Hot List’ report for your sales and marketing teams.


Understand Membership Behavior to Reduce Membership Attrition

Leveraging advanced forecasting techniques, we can report on and accurately predict future values of:

  • Total Club Membership
  • Total Membership Revenue
  • Total Fitness Services Revenue
  • Total Club Revenue

“With Easalytics I see all our Digital Marketing campaigns, costs and results in one dashboard. Now I finally get accurate ROI numbers anytime I want them!”


“I used to wait weeks for vendors to send me one report for member attrition data and another report for marketing efforts to retain those members. Now I see the results of our efforts to improve member attrition on my phone in one real-time dashboard.”

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How Can Easalytics Help Me?

Businesses who use Big Data to make advertising & marketing decisions can achieve results like these.

Sales Growth

Companies using analytics have 186% sales growth over competitors.

More Revenue

Organizations actively using data have 50% higher revenue growth.
—Dell Global Technology Index

Cost Savings

Companies using data analytics to measure marketing & advertising effectiveness.
—Dell Global Technology Index

Sources: Dell & McKinsey

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