Advanced Analytics
Unlock the full potential of your member data

Drive more meaningful engagement and achieve your strategic objectives with our comprehensive member analytics, segmentation, and member journey analytics solutions. Identify valuable member segments and push that member list to power better targeted marketing.

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Target Members

Discover what makes your ideal member journey

With Member Journey, you have the power to optimize your onboarding and retention programs. You can gauge member value based on months of membership, average check-ins, average duration, and average spend —allowing you to pinpoint when (and which!) members are most likely to spend on your gym offerings.


Maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns

Member Segmentation makes identifying segments with the most value and opportunity easy, including lost members with our proprietary Win-Back Desirability score. Target high-value segments with tailored messaging and prioritize your marketing resources to those specific cohorts to enhance engagement and loyalty.


Start targeting your marketing with member lists

Unlike our competitors, Easalytics simplifies exporting member lists for targeted marketing efforts. With our intuitive interface, you can easily filter members based on specific criteria and export customized lists, empowering your club to execute precise and effective marketing campaigns with ease. You can even save members in cohorts—allowing you to track changes in crucial groups over time.


Setting you up for success

We help you make the most of your subscription. Advanced Analytics gives you access to one hour of live training by our experts—plus four one-hour consultation calls.


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