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Continuous, effortless monitoring

With SmartSights, you get powerful, AI-powered intelligence that is always on the clock. This add-on searches thousands of monthly and weekly trends (and micro-trends!) from your data, looking for changes outside the normal range— learning what’s typical and expected and what’s not.


Proactive trend detection

SmartSights dives deeper than traditional dashboards or human analysts can to uncover hidden revenue opportunities and actionable insights for improving member experience and retention. It will automatically highlight the significant and unexpected—bringing the information to the attention of those who need to know when they need to know it.


Our Data Science team is at your service

We’re always working to ensure our platform is as accurate as possible. You can be confident that the Easalytics team is providing you with the best possible data models to help drive your business. You’re guaranteed the most up-to-date product—you’ll never pay more for model maintenance or rebuilds.


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