Member and Revenue Retention

It’s critical to leverage your member data and focus your attention on your highest value, most engaged members.

Why Easalytics?

Learn which members you need to target first and which ones are worth the most effort to retain.


Your monthly average attrition rate has improved, but you want to see a more significant impact on overall revenue.


A lower attrition rate alone isn’t going to help if you’re losing more high value members, so it’s critical to know the value of both the members you are losing, and the value of the members you are at risk of losing.

Easalytics AI can continuously analyze dozens of member behavior variables and patterns and tell you each member’s probability of canceling within 3 months. Coupled with their predicted future revenue loss, you’ll know exactly which members you need to target first and which ones are worth the most effort to retain.

Target the right members and win them back.


You know you’re going to lose a percentage of members no matter what, and you want to be sure aggressive campaigns to win them back are cost-effective.


Aggressive campaigns to win back lost members can be very cost-effective IF you target the right ones.

Fact is, there are some you should NOT be trying to win back at all. If you narrow your focus to lost members who had a healthy membership duration, average or better check-in frequencies, and above average monthly spend, you can be very aggressive with your offers and be assured of the best possible ROI.

Know a member is at risk and address the issues before it’s too late.


Once a member requests cancelation, you probably have less than a 10% probability of changing their mind. They’ve already mentally moved on or have joined another club.


What if you knew months in advance that the member was at risk?

Just as it takes a number of touches to convince a member to buy, it’s going to take more than one touch to convince a member to stay. The sooner you know a member is at risk, the sooner you can start changing hearts and minds. Sure, you should always try a last minute save attempt, but depending on that is a losing strategy that communicates more desperation than caring. Proactive retention is the winning one both in terms of ROI and the member relationship.

Work smarter, not harder.


You need to make retention efforts more efficient and cost-effective.


Pushing key retention metrics into your CRM, Hubspot, or rewards platform lets you take advantage of member engagement options and automations.

Imagine being able to quickly create a list of high-risk, high-value members for targeted action or, better yet, creating an automation that engages with high-value members whenever they reach a certain risk threshold. Segmenting members on value lets you be more cost-effective with rewards/incentives by targeting them at members most likely to have a high ROI.

Surveys are good, but what about the non-responders.


You are sometimes blindsided by member experience issues that hadn’t previously shown up in member feedback.


Studies have shown only about 4% of dissatisfied customers will bother to complain, so a serious issue can often fester and compound until it has already resulted in cancelations and negative social media buzz by the time you become aware of it.

Changes in member behavior are often the earliest indicators of issues, and Easalytics can automatically detect them at the club, member segment, and individual member level. You’ll get ahead of emerging issues earlier, and have a better understanding of who is being impacted the most.

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