Understand Membership Behaviors & Reduce Attrition

How much is membership attrition hurting your club’s bottom line?
Industry averages suggest the cost of acquiring a new member is nine times the cost of retaining an existing one. Without an effective retention strategy, your sales team is forced to spend time, money, and energy just to acquire enough new members to maintain the status quo.

Predictive Analytics

How Can Easalytics Help?

In order to improve membership retention, you need to know which members are likely to leave and how to target them. Easalytics delivers this critical information regularly and intuitively.

Hot List Reporting

From physical check-ins to revenue metrics, such as in-club fitness service spend, we are looking across your entire membership base to proactively identify a HOT LIST of members most likely to leave! These lists can be accessed by your sales and marketing teams and exported to be put in to immediate action or drip nurturing campaigns.

Predictive Analytics

The Easalytics data mining and predictive analytics platform takes a deep dive into each of your member’s behaviors, comparing them not only their own previous activity, but also to their peer’s activity and club averages. Our best-in-class data warehousing infrastructure allows our proprietary, advanced algorithms to analyze historic and current trends within your club’s membership to predict each member’s future behavior.

Member Behavior Analysis

Understanding your members’ behaviors physically and digitally is the secret to retaining them! But these trends in behavior are extremely difficult to find with the human eye or in the context of a spreadsheet. A member’s weekly check-ins can sometimes be a good indicator, but only if you’ve tracked their typical behavior over time, modeled the member’s normal patterns, and know what level of deviation from the pattern predicts an increased likelihood of attrition. Easalytics does this for you, for every single member, with zero effort on your part.

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Advanced Membership, Revenue Goal Tracking, and Growth Projects

Reduce Member Attrition by connecting reports like check-in and financial activity with membership type, due to expire agreements, and in-club behavior to identify potential members with a higher risk of termination. Easalytics connects these individual member activity reports and surfaces a daily ‘Hot List’ report for your sales and marketing teams.


Understand Membership Behavior to Reduce Membership Attrition

Leveraging advanced forecasting techniques, we can report on and accurately predict future values of:

  • Total Club Membership
  • Total Membership Revenue
  • Total Fitness Services Revenue
  • Total Club Revenue