Dynamic Fitness Relies on Easalytics for Critical Re-Engagement Analytics

“Easalytics has helped shape our reopening strategy in these uncertain times. Collaborating with the Easalytics team and using the platform they offer saves us time and helps us direct communication efforts to our most important members individually.”

-Jared Williams, CEO, Dynamic Fitness

Dynamic Fitness is no stranger to success, with three club locations in the Houston metro area that have earned eight straight years of industry awards. Jared Williams, CEO, has led the Dynamic Fitness brand with a focus on providing amenities every fitness fanatic wants at a price everyone can afford. When members sign up with Dynamic Fitness, they know they’re getting a great member experience at a great price.

The forced closures of gyms around the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic presented Dynamic Fitness with new challenges that no health club could prepare for. Successfully reopening their gyms and–more importantly–re-engaging their members became Dynamic Fitness’ first priority.

Health clubs have felt extreme pressure throughout the course of this pandemic to create a safe and sanitary environment in addition to an exceptional member experience. On top of state and county requirements such as occupancy limits and mask mandates, clubs also have to meet the expectations of their members. Is your equipment sanitized after every use? Do you have space for members to exercise six or more feet apart? And the most challenging question: Can you provide quality amenities and services to your members while maintaining these health protocols?

Time is always a valuable resource to a business, but even more so when you must implement so many new health and safety protocols. Health clubs feel the pressure of time stronger than most: every passing day poses the risk of losing a member you worked hard to acquire. With the threat of cancelled or frozen memberships looming large and the unlikelihood of acquiring new members in the face of health concerns, member re-engagement is the key to returning to baseline.

Dynamic Fitness wanted to understand which of their members were re-engaging and whether their check-in and spending behaviors had changed from pre-pandemic levels. Re-engaging high spending members and Personal Training clients first would generate much needed revenue and get their clubs back into financial shape as fast as possible. A successful reopening requires pinpointing which members are returning and how much value they are bringing with them.

Discovering these insights would normally require digging deep into reports at each individual location–that’d mean solving the same difficult problem three times over for Dynamic Fitness. Instead of searching for useful data in several places, Dynamic Fitness would benefit from finding all their answers in one spot.

Intelligent data analytics saves club owners from digging through piles of disjointed, incomplete lists and reports, and facilitates taking proactive or corrective action. Using our reopening-specific analytics for post-reopening check-in and spending trends, Dynamic Fitness has been able to uncover underperforming member segments by member demographic combinations such as age, gender, membership type, and pre-closure behavior.

The ability to quickly filter and sort these member segments by behavior values such as pre-closure spend levels, pre and post-reopening check-in frequency, and membership duration allowed Dynamic Fitness to export highly targeted lists for specific actions and messaging. For example, highest value members with the highest likelihood of Personal Training spend would receive personal phone calls, while the rest would receive email blasts.

Identifying high-value member segments and communicating with the most important members allowed Dynamic Fitness to double their Personal Training re-engagement percentage over a six week period. High-spending member re-engagement had begun to plateau, but after analyzing which member segments were underperforming, Dynamic Fitness saw a steady increase in re-engagement despite the challenges of reopening.

Personal Training Re-Engagement

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