The Hidden Insights of Information

When you’re setting goals for your sales team, you don’t pluck numbers out of a hat. The process you use to determine your goals may be rigorous and well-defined, but it’s still only as good as the information that powers your decisions. Easalytics provides knowledge that empowers club owners and sales executives to make decisions based on real insight from your own data, so you can improve member acquisition and marketing ROI, reduce member attrition, and grow total club revenue.

The smartest sales goals are both realistic and ambitious: ambitious because they won’t be achieved without real effort, but realistic in the sense that they’re possible with the right approach.

Sophisticated forecasting can identify exactly where that balance exists for your club. You could always just guess at what your sales targets should be, or take a cursory look at your historical data to base your decisions off of basic growth rates. Easalytics automates the work of digging deeper, however, to provide real, accurate projections based on both recent and long-term trends from multiple data points all across your business. It’s this combination of deep insight and broad perspective that enables Easalytics to extract actionable intelligence from a vast sea of information.

You can’t thrive without putting effort into your club marketing, but how do you know which effort is useful, and which is wasted? How do you know that your marketing approach is as effective as it can be? All conversions are not created equal! Imagine a data driven marketing tool that doesn’t simply maximize lead conversions, but focuses on the leads that convert to the best possible members – engaged, active members who don’t just belong to your gym, but are a part of your community. These are the members who are happy to take advantage of your upselling opportunities, and actually boost your own conversion efforts with the kind of authentic word-of-mouth advertising that can’t be purchased at any price. Identifying that segment of your audience is one of the most valuable payoffs of a data visualization dashboard that goes beyond the superficial metrics like growth rates.

Easalytics combines proven health club marketing strategies, a deep understanding of member motivations, and an unprecedented depth of collected data to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and the conversion potential of your leads.

Session tracking for existing members, data analysis of your historic membership mix, insights gleaned from data your members have shared on social media – all of this information can inform and improve your marketing strategy. This level of business intelligence enables you to craft messages that meet your leads where they already live, addressing their needs and wants directly and maximizing your conversion percentage.

What’s more, a data visualization dashboard is a tool that every member of your sales staff can use. Team members can access and share the same data, and clearly see how it advances your established goals. When everyone is reading from the same playbook, your sales team can share information, identify trends, and move quickly to capitalize on the opportunities that your data surfaces. A truly efficient, data driven marketing plan lets you understand your ideal members and their goals so that you can position your club to meet them. The beneficial effect of this integrated approach is clear: your walk-in leads will find that your sales staff already speaks their language, and that your club is ready to help them achieve their own health and fitness goals.

You’ve already got the data that can boost your marketing efforts to a new level of efficiency.

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