IconProspective health club members have widely varying motivations.

Understanding the various methods to reach and speak to their audience, and knowing which ones are most effective, are the keys to successful marketing. A data dashboard like Easalytics presents health club marketing teams with all of the information they need to make informed decisions in a sensible, consistent visual format.

Sophisticated marketing strategies employ multiple messages across disparate audiences – but which ones are converting interest to memberships, and why? The session tracking features built into the Easalytics dashboard can unlock this information. The linear attribution model of data analytics takes every link in the messaging chain into account, so that marketing teams can tell at a glance which content is performing, and which is lagging. With this valuable data you can focus your resources on developing messages that resonate with your audiences and get results.

A data dashboard can surface valuable analytic data on your ad spends, as well. Conversion reports only scratch the surface; a dashboard that’s integrated throughout your organization can go much deeper, to generate real ROI reports on each segment of your ad spending. At a glance, you can see which of your advertising actually generates new members, and how much you’re spending to convert each one. You can see not only your advertising effectiveness, but also its efficiency. Easalytics lets you pinpoint the combination of messaging and outreach that generates the most conversions for the least expenditure. Want to go deeper still? Since Easalytics integrates all throughout your health club’s various data systems, you can then identify which members you’ve converted have become your top revenue sources. Easalytics is much more than a surface-level marketing analysis tool – it gives you the information you need to optimize your marketing strategy and your sales funnel to specifically target the kinds of members who help your club thrive.

A marketer’s most valuable skill is converting data to results. If your team members are spending their time harvesting and collating data, that’s time they can’t use to put that information to work. Easalytics puts the ‘ease’ into information collection by automating the procedures that used to take up valuable hours of sifting through raw data and collating reports. Each member of your marketing team has access to the same dashboard, the same data visualization, and the same analysis. This means you and your team can invest your time in strategizing and implementing your marketing plan, rather than tedious number-crunching.

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