Effective marketing and advertising strategies are vital to any business, especially one in the gym and fitness club industry.

With more clubs than ever competing for a finite number of potential new members, it’s easy for your club to get caught up in traditional spray and pray advertising practices.

For any club looking to amplify their most effective advertising & marketing tactics, along with maximizing the return on their advertising investment, Easalytics Session Tracking metrics are essential.

MarketersMost marketers have the ability to accurately report the lead source that initiated a same session online form submission. This is referred to as Last Click Attribution.  While valuable, this information only provides a small part of the customers total online behavior. Industry data tells us that most consumers use at least 8 different sources to get information on products or services they are interested in, (2017 Nielsen Homescan). Unfortunately, for marketers, only measuring Last Click Attribution, leaves us
guessing at what content and messaging initially engaged the consumer with our brand and what content and messaging kept them interested.

While it may not seem obvious, successful marketers assign equal value to the digital messaging & content that initially attracted interested parties to their brand, along with the channels and messaging that kept them interested and engaged them into action with the club. Easalytics session tracking analysis provides ROI metrics for, as well as insight into, Social and Digital content across the full customer journey: from initial interest, through ongoing research, engagement, and ultimately, conversion.

Session tracking reporting collects a stranger’s interactions with your brand across your entire digital ecosystem, from initial interest through conversion, and the tracking continues even after they become a member. In other words, it shows you exactly which ads and parts of your website each prospect, lead, and member engaged with and when. As soon as the session tracking data are aggregated and connected with information stored in a CRM tool and/or membership management platform, club marketers are able to build reports to see which initiatives are driving both membership and revenue and those efforts that are not producing an acceptable return on investment.

Session tracking reports, like the ones referenced above, provide unique, valuable data that allow health clubs to amplify the most successful channels and campaigns, and reduce effort and ad spend in underperforming areas.

In conjunction with the Easalytics Member Acquisition and Retention Funnel, session tracking provides a more comprehensive view of what Attracts strangers to your brand, Engages them into prospects, Converts them into customers, and Reduces member attrition by delighting them into promoters for your business.

Before you take action, make sure you have the complete picture!

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