To an outsider, the health club business is straightforward:

You provide the space, the equipment and the staff, and people will happily join – simple, right?

But you know better: from anonymous onlookers, to interested prospects, to breaking down member activity, relevant segmentations and revenue channels, there are many intricate processes going on simultaneously behind the scenes of your business.


As a result, the questions health club owners face tend to be fiendishly difficult to answer:

  • Should you open a new location, or launch some new programs at the ones you’ve already got?
  • Which of your members are ready to take it to the next level of training?
  • Did that ad campaign you ran on Facebook bring in enough new members to justify the cost?
  • Are personal training classes your money maker, or your money pit?

These aren’t small or easy questions, they’re make-or-break considerations in a viciously competitive market. It’s impossible to just stare out on to the gym floor to find the answers. You can’t tell if your billboard is working just by counting the cars that drive by it. It’s all so confusing that just trying to get answers only raises more questions. Where do you look for guidance?

Imagine a system that could gather the relevant data from all of those sources, and present it on a single dashboard; a one-stop shop to put all of your operations in perspective. Imagine seeing your Advertising Spend and Activity correlated with your Membership numbers, trends and behaviors, showing a clear signal through all of the data noise highlighting the highest and lowest performing aspects of your operations. Think about a suite of advanced analytics to tie all of that information together to help you understand how and why you’re trending on social media, and where you can direct your resources to influence those trends. Imagine a tool that combines historical data with forecasting indicators so that you can plan for what’s coming tomorrow instead of reacting to what’s happened today. It’s this kind of data-driven business intelligence that allows you to make the right decisions for your business.

Easalytics uses the data you’ve already got to teach you more about your business and your members. We help you understand and evaluate:

  • What’s happened in the past
  • What’s happening right now
  • What’s about to happen next
  • What you can expect longer term
  • The contributing factors that influence ALL of those expectations

The insights unlocked by combining and analyzing large sets of data are not imaginary. This information has traditionally been distributed across all of the various systems that power your business, from CRM databases to member management systems to accounting software to your website analytics to the security system that lets users in the front door. Until now, the effort (and cost!) of combining and analyzing enormous databases with different types of information has been prohibitive. Easalytics automates this process, so that you can run your business on data based decisions without incurring a massive expense. The trick is pulling all of these many disparate sources together, and then picking the needles out of that enormous haystack. Easalytics understands both the health club industry and the intricacies of data modeling, and we put our experience to work in order to distill real, actionable knowledge from your raw data.

Your business is changing every day based on the decisions you’re making (or the decisions you don’t even know that you’re not making!) The trends and insights buried in your data may lead you to change how you’re spending your marketing dollars today. But they may also tell you that tomorrow it’ll be more important to spend your time and money by engaging with your members to sell personal training, or by learning what services are working across other clubs. Don’t just guess about the best time to schedule your classes, use the data you’ve already got to make sure they run when your members can attend. Or you may learn that your audience loves your marketing materials on Facebook in August, but prefers emails in December.

None of these insights can be gleaned from a single source of data, but any one of them could be the key that unlocks the potential of your club. What’s more, learning from your data teaches you about how to learn from your data: when you start acting on real information, trends and predictions and discoveries that weren’t accessible to you before can become the foundation of effective business intelligence.

We help you recognize what the human eye can’t see. We help you learn more from what you already know. We help you make the best decisions for your business based on what really matters, today.

Are you ready to learn more about how Easalytics can benefit your health club?

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