Grow revenue.
Retain high-value members.
Uncover new opportunities.

Grow revenue.
Retain high-value members.
Uncover new opportunities.

Powerful AI-driven data solutions made painless and affordable for fitness businesses.

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Goodbye High Attrition, Hello Meaningful Retention.

You know you want to grow profitability. But if you’re relying only on traditional dashboards to manage your health club, you’re already obsolete.

Watch and see how health club executives just like you are retaining revenue, driving engagement, increasing efficiency and saving money with Easalytics.

Grow revenue.

  • Retain more revenue with increased high-value member retention
  • Identify and engage members and segments performing below their revenue potential
  • Increase conversion rates and profits via AI-driven identification of high probability purchasers
  • Target members by behavioral patterns–not just demographics–to increase engagement and ancillary revenue
  • Never miss a critical change with automated monitoring of thousands of KPI trends

Increase member lifetime value.

Get insight into membership trends and identify areas of potential revenue growth. Our intuitive platform generates the knowledge you need to engage your members and keep them coming back.

Member and
revenue retention.

Be proactive, not reactive by easily identifying high-risk and high-value memberships. Easalytics’ innovative technology analyzes complex member behavior patterns and forecasts attrition risk so you can focus your member retention strategy where it counts.

say goodbye high attrition & hello meaningful retention with the info you need to drive engagement & increase revenue/member

Discover new opportunities.

Proactive insights with SmartSights.

SmartSights AI-driven automated business intelligence continuously monitors thousands of KPI trends, eliminating the need to spend hours digging through dashboards looking for critical changes. SmartSights dives deeper than traditional dashboards or human analysts to uncover hidden revenue opportunities and actionable insights for improving member experience and retention.

Enhance the member experience.

Start driving member engagement, revenue, and retention.

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